About Us

JoeNick2_01Disma Ferranti

My family moved to the United States in the early 80’s. Food had always been a way of life for us, with my grandfather being a farmer and loving all the wonderful foods he produced to my parents owning a small and family grocery store in Northern Italy.

My dad had realized that the opportunity to continue to better himself and our family was in America. He knew that a family store could not continue to survive in Northern Italy. When we moved here he truly saw the land of opportunity. He liked the idea of small town living and being close to family and that is how we ended up in Delta. He was with-in a few hours of family members from both sides of the family and he still had the country “Italy” feel.

I grew up in the restaurant as a little boy. I was born here, my parents so proud to have a “true American son”. The restaurant business has been in my blood.  From my mom making homemade sauce and then using that same spoon to spank me when I misbehaved. Only true Italians know the taste of the spoon from mama.

As I grew I knew that I didn’t have to go look for my passion that it had always been with me. I knew that I wanted to spread my wings and create my own restaurant as my father had before me. When he passed away in 1999 I made a promise to myself to honor his memory and work ethic. I wanted to make him proud and show that the next generation was able to continue what he had started. A family business run with honor and respect, loyalty and customer service. Striving to continue to bring that same passion that my parents brought over from Italy in the 80’s and continuing into the 21st century.